Meditation and Empowerment

bright sun and clouds

There always seems to be a lot in the news that can lead to anger, desperation and a feeling of hopelessness in all of us. It seems that there is little we can do to make the changes that we know must be made in our world. We feel the frailty of our efforts, our inability to fully understand our responsibilities, and even the ultimate frailty of our physical bodies and our minds. It may bring up the feeling that the teachings of the Buddha, of the Bodhisattvas and many other spiritual teachers is true: that all life is suffering.

This is true when we are so enmeshed in our transient lives that we forget the bigger picture, the picture of the Unconditional Love of which we all are a part.

There is a way that we can find a deeper inner power and responsibility, and a connection with the ultimate power of love. With the appropriate serious effort we can take our suffering and make it opportunity for individual growth and a state of maturity that leads to an experience of total well-being. That simple conscious effort that we can use for the discovering of our own personal power and a new level of possibility is meditation.

Meditation can open us up to the vitality and the innate intelligence that animates our bodies, minds and energetic capacities, making our well-being constantly available.

We are not a “thing”. We are a process, an “event” if you will. Our bodies and minds connect us to our total environment. We absorb information, interact and change. We adapt so that we can effectively participate in our own lives. It is an endless process of exchange within and around us. This exchange is empowering. It morphs the feeling of frailty into a feeling of loving potential that transforms our reality.

Meditation can simply be about rediscovering this way of being in the world and in spirit. It simply brings us back to the reality that we so often forget, the reality that is pure joy, pure awe. The reality of Life Itself. In many meditation practices, nothing is rejected; everything is an avenue, everything is nourishment, everything is God. Including ourselves. In this light, we can think of our meditation, indeed our lives, as God (who has manifested as ourselves) giving and receiving God through the mechanism of God. There is no other.

In terms of “changing the world”, all those around us are affected by the Energy that is all things. This is the energy that changes us, that brings us home. The more of us that participate in this reality, the more change will happen.